What makes BetYaLife different?

Most diets and lifestyle programmes promote weight loss as a success determining factor and that's what makes the BetYaLife programme unique. BetYaLife works to restore your health through better nutritional choices and education as to how different food choices affect your body and overall health.

Although weight loss and health can never only be about food, we have discovered that many of the major health concerns and ailments our society is faced with today, are directly related to poor nutritional guidelines. Our goal is to teach you to identify what health concerns require medication and what foods can replace your medication, all while you lose weight and enjoy a life filled with energy and vitality!

What is the BetYaLife Programme?

It comprises a series of 13 videos (+2 bonus videos) that takes you step-by-step through the various aspects of your health.
The main focus is on:

 Elimination of harmful foods 
 Re-introduction of foods
 Effects of food on body/weight
 Understanding body functions
 Understanding changes with age
We have divided these focus areas into our 4E lifestyle phases:

1. Eliminate
During this phase you will learn which foods are making you feel sick, moody and tired, so you can feel better fast.

2. Enlighten
Discover the amazing capacity your body has for self-repair in the presence of the right nutrients; and why what you eat and drink is so important.

3. Energise
Tired of feeling tired? The energise phase will have you feeling rejuvenated and ready for action; taking your body to a place where energy and vitality comes naturally.

4. Equilibrium
Your body is unique. BetYaLife will show you how to find the balance that works for you, so you can start enjoying the healthy, happy life you have always wanted and so richly deserve.

We encourage you to watch our videos here - learn about the food you eat and what it does to your body. By understanding the effects, you can make better nutritional choices that work for you and your family!  

History of BetYaLife

Dr Grant Fourie's story:

In 2009 I lost weight. Not just a little... a whole lot! A lot more than I thought I had to lose. Almost 25kg!
How did I do it? Well, it wasn't all easy and it wasn't all quick - until we (my wife and I), came across the method we now teach.


I had already done the shakes, the gyming, the starvation, the tablets and the soups! I had done the 12-week Weight Watchers course - and lost 1kg. Not because their programme was bad, but because my commitment to it was awful.

Almost by chance, we were introduced to the BetYaLife method by friends from the UK who had done very well on a similar programme. Almost immediately, we started to see results and with virtually no fuss or effort at all!
As it started to become noticeable that something was changing, people and patients started to ask what I was doing. This started to become a real hindrance in my practice, because I was easily distracted and chatted enthusiastically about this simple weight loss method that had literally transformed our lives! The only way to remain sane and still practice medicine was to invite some of those that were interested to an after hour meeting to talk about it.

The hunger for knowledge and effective techniques and methods took me by complete surprise. The more people that joined, the more people wanted to join.

So, from our very humble beginnings in November 2009, which involved 3 patients and my receptionist; and a promise to see each other for 30 minutes a week for the next 6 weeks, we set off into the great unknown of "Dieting".

We simply continued to invite wnd welcome more and more people. By 2013, we had anything from 50 to 100 people joining per month.

What had started as an informal, 30 minute chat, transformed into a 12-week, 1 hour information session called, "Nutrition Revolution Sessions".

We added an exercise programme for those that were interested, although we didn't use exercise to lose weight. We brought a biokineticist on board to chat about effective weight loss exercise techniques; and a psychologist to work out the kinks in our emotional eaters.

At this point, I got down to some serious studying - realising that I had opened an enormous can of "fat" worms!

I signed up for a 2-year course in Functional Medicine, presented by the US Institute of Functional Medicine. I read and listened to anything I could lay my hands on or wrap my ears around, to get my nutritional knowledge up to standard. You would be shocked to find out how little nutritional teaching doctors get in their training - I might know the chemical structure of food and have studied the structure of a leaf under an electron microscope, but nobody ever taught us how to eat those structures and what different combinations of them do, once you've eaten them.

Anyway, that is a story in evolution.

As we gain our own experience and experiment with different options, we constantly re-evaluate and re-assess our rules and principles to be sure we are the most up-to-date lifestyle programme around.



BetYaLife can help restore your health.

Start today... put the SPRING back into your life!

What benefits can you expect from BetYaLife?

 Improved energy levels
 Healthy, sustainable weight loss
 Reduction in medical ailments 
 No supplements or medications
 No shakes or special foods
 No injections
 No weighing/counting of food
 No exercise (during initial phase)
 Fun-filled, informative course
 Suitable for the whole family

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