Your journey to wellness starts here!

Welcome to the BetYaLife Weight Loss and Lifestyle Management Programme, presented by Dr Grant Fourie.

There are 13 videos in this series with 2 BONUS videos for you to enjoy. I am so excited to walk this path to better health, with you. BetYaLife is not only about weight loss, it's about health, wellness and vitality too - implementing the principles of Functional Medicine... an integrative approach to medicine that treats the whole person. We try to restore your overall health and well-being instead of suppressing, masking or managing symptoms only.
Duration: 56 minutes 
In this lesson we score each functional system to identify the core focus areas for your unique body. The ultimate determining factor in our Programme is to get you healthy; and since weight loss is the side effect of a healthy lifestyle, your dedication will see you shedding all the unnecessary weight you are carrying too. The best opportunity any doctor has to improve your life, is to catch the problems while you are still well! There is so much happening in your body, that we need to start today! We will discuss exposures, food production and what's exactly on your plate! It’s likely you will discover most of your ailments will be sorted within the first weeks.
Duration: 1 hour 2 minutes 
Your easiest week is now behind you. Now we are going to look at what needs to change. In this lesson we discuss food, in particular sugar. Many of us consume far more sugar than we realise. Sugar is in most of our foods, including low fat, presumed “healthy”, foods. To succeed in health, wellness and weight loss, you need to understand the dangers of sugar and why you’re consuming way too much; not to mention that sugar is one of the deadliest substances known to man….not convinced? Watch the video.
Duration: 57 minutes 
The transition to a healthy lifestyle is never simple, but undoubtedly worth it. Often we don’t notice what we’re missing until we can’t have it. The objective of this lesson is to show you how to gently eliminate foods that harm you. We also educate you about the politically motivated way we have been taught to eat and how you can change these habits and still enjoy delicious foods. We discuss the Paleo, Banting and Mediterranean lifestyles and you get to choose whichever one best suits you.
Duration: 49 minutes 
This lesson has a short, introductory video. Watch Video 5b for the complete discussion.
Duration: 8 minutes 
As we discuss food intolerances, you’ll realise why many of the generic and restrictive diets don’t work for you! Dr Grant Fourie explains how your body reacts to food you eat and the auto-immune reactions certain foods cause in your body. The foods you are missing most, are generally the foods that are causing the biggest problems. You’ll also discover the difference between food intolerance and food allergies.
Duration: 36 minutes 
This lesson has a short, introductory video. Watch Video 6b for the complete discussion.
Duration: 16 minutes 
Co-existing bugs…What? Yup! That’s right, we all have a bunch of bugs living inside us that we didn’t even know were there - more commonly known as Microbiomes. Learn about how germs were discovered. Are they dangerous to you? Or is your body’s defenses more dangerous? Dr Grant Fourie will discuss gut microflora (the group name for all micro-organisms that live in the digestive system) and why we need to keep them healthy!
Duration: 38 minutes 
We discuss the deception of the food industry and you’ll learn why whole foods are healthier than processed foods. Why the food pyramid as you know it is wrong, why too much fibre is not good for you and how to distinguish between what’s good for you and what’s bad for you! Watch Video 7b for the discussion on Micronutrients.
Duration: 54 minutes 
We discuss micronutrients and how to absorb them in their most natural forms. You'll also learn about the nutrient deficiencies often experienced with restrictive diets. What's more, you will find out what really happens to your food when processed, and how to eat a rainbow! Keep your fruit and veggies varied! Don't stick to the same vegetable every day. Try to eat organic! The more organic the food, the higher the nutrient value.
Duration: 55 minutes 
Lee van der Bergh (Joy of Movement Fitness Solutions), joins Dr Grant Fourie to discuss exercise. For many of us just the thought of exercise makes us tired….this video aims to change that for you! It's important that before you start any exercise routine, you consult your doctor and/or do a screening to determine your health risk profile. Generally, this would include checking your blood pressure, cholesterol, family history of illness and current medication. A physical readiness test should also be done which takes into account your exercise history and any injuries you may have incurred in the past. 
Duration: 54 minutes 
Believe it or not, when it comes to both health and weight loss, it’s all about what you put in, what you take out and when you put them in and take them out. In this video, Dr Grant Fourie will explain when it's the correct time to eat, why you need to eat at certain times and how to get into the swing of a healthy, happy life! You will start to understand the function of your adrenal glands and the way they affect your weight, sleep patterns and your ability to handle stress.
Duration: 1 hour 2 minutes 
This lesson has a short, introductory video. Watch Video 10b for the complete discussion.
Duration: 8 minutes 
Are your hormones making you crazy and hungry? Let’s take a look at the pituitary glands, responsible for your natural instincts, and your hormones, and see how they influence so much more than just your mood! You will discover how food interacts with the chemicals in your body as well as your brain; with improper choices resulting in mood swings, weight gain and more; why you need to sleep a full 8 hours, and the effect that eating just before bed has on your body.
Duration: 53 minutes 
This lesson has a short, introductory video. Watch Video 11b for the complete discussion.
Duration: 2 minutes 
Lost your drive and motivation? Out of energy? That’s ok….in this video we discuss inflammation and cholesterol. Do you know which is the lesser of the two evils?  Your body needs fuel to survive and get healthy, but all too often the foods we choose cause inflammation - the number one cause of chronic illness. In this video, you'll begin to understand how the foods you choose to eat can cause inflammation and how you can reverse the damage that is already there.
Duration: 56 minutes 
Reignite that zest for life! Finally, an exercise routine you can master... in just one minute! Unbelievable? Watch the video to see how it's done!
Duration: 52 minutes 
It’s all about finding the balance that works for you! Well done on completing the course! Remember to watch our BONUS videos on GORD (Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease) and Pearls of Thin-dom.
Duration: 45 minutes 
Dr Grant Fourie discusses what you need to know about losing weight.
Duration: 37 minutes 
Dr Grant Fourie discusses Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD).
Duration: 50 minutes