Bioidentical hormones

These hormones have exactly the same chemical and molecular structure as those produced by your body. They are extracted from plants (yams and soy) and are molecularly structured to an exact replica of what your body produces.


Pellet therapy

The hormones are “packaged” in the form of a pellet, about the size of a grain of rice and are inserted just under your skin’s surface, in a painless and quick procedure in Dr Grant’s offices - no stitches needed. Once inserted, the pellet releases a small amount of the hormone slowly into the body every day for 3-6 months, depending on the pellet dose. The pellets are compounded individually for each patient and the hormone levels are checked regularly to ensure that optimum levels are being achieved.

Diagram of pellet insertion

Hormone creams

Depending on your hormone test results and other health factors, you may be prescribed a hormone cream. This cream is applied daily, either on the forearms, flanks, blushing areas or thighs. Vaginal application is also very effective. Once applied, the cream releases hormones into the bloodstream which will provide relief from hormone deficiency symptoms.