After my hysterectomy, I used hormone patches for two years. However, I gained so much weight and just did not feel good.

A friend told me about Dr Grant and his approach on bioidentical hormone creams. On my first visit he said to me that, "I don't want you to be a good 50+ woman, but the best 50+ woman!"

I started using the bioidentical hormone creams and immediately could feel a difference. After ten months, he told me I’m a good candidate for the hormone implants. Within a week I felt excellent and alive! No hot flushes, memory is back, excellent energy, etc.

Thank you Dr Grant!!!

- Irma van Schalkwyk
Listening to you talk really did put things into perspective for me, which in turn made me feel so much better (and to a large degree, quite relieved!!).

It dawned on me: IT'S NOT MY FAULT!! No matter how much I try to explain to people, who are experts in their respective fields, from my Crossfit trainers to my GP and others “in the know”, they just don't understand what I'm telling them.

They all put it down to a lack of self-control when it comes to my eating habits and they all, without fail, want to prescribe their own version of a “healthy” diet which ultimately, and always, leaves me with a feeling of despondency and guilt which then drives me to work out harder and be even more obsessed with what I eat!
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It's extremely frustrating - I'm doing everything right, but just not seeing the results of my efforts at all!!

After listening to you today, I actually “see” a light at the end of this very dark tunnel in which I've been crawling and I have to say, I'm super-excited!!

Having said that, I do understand that it's going to take a little time to get where I need to be, but that's OK - at least I'm headed in the right direction!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

- Ursula Mason Starley
Dr Grant Fourie is a gifted and deep thinking GP. He sets his mind to the individual problems of each patient and thinks more deeply and laterally about General Practice than the average doctor.

Grant is a committed doctor with an artful and critical eye for the afflictions of his patients. He is an excellent diagnostician and has a gentle, patient manner. I, and many others, have benefitted from this winning combination.

- Pete le Roux
I would like to take this opportunity to compliment Julia! I’ve only dealt with her these past two days, but she is exceptional! Always friendly, patient, thorough and “on the ball" and it seems, she has a memory like few others!

I’m looking forward to walking this path with all of you and, after having read all about Doctor, I’ve got hope for the future. I am in awe...I didn’t know [he] did all of these things... don’t know where he gets the time to do it all! LOL!

Thanking you in anticipation. Wishing you all a lovely day (translated from Afrikaans).

- Genevé Steenkamp
I’m a 49 year old woman. I've always been very active and on the go. Last year, all of this changed. I was constantly tired and miserable. I felt that I was going insane.

I had my hormone levels tested as well as my thyroid function. I was surprised at the results. My hormone levels were very low and thyroid was not functioning 100%.

Dr Fourie explained to me how these things work and after discussions, I decided to have the hormone and thyroid [medication] as he suggested. Read more >

Less than a year later, I feel great!!!

I think that women should be more aware of how their hormones work. We should not be shy or afraid to talk about it and do something about it. We must not suffer for nothing. After all, there is help! It’s not necessary to drive ourselves, husbands or children crazy because we ourselves do not really know what is going on with us. I am so glad that I found out and started treatment.

Have a wonderful life ladies!

- Sonette Schultz