Immune boosting High dose Vitamin C infusion

This may not cure the infection you have, or even prevent an infection, BUT the best thing you can do for your immune system at the moment is to keep it as strong as possible to enable your body to effectively attack and destroy any new viral infections it may encounter.

There is no evidence that Vitamin C can cure Covid-19 infections. However, Vitamin C has been shown to be effective in other similar infections at decreasing symptoms or decreasing the length of the illness. This may be of huge value in the ongoing problem of knowing whether one has normal flu or the Covid-19 version of the Coronavirus.

Benefits of Vitamin C

As a medical doctor with a special interest in Functional Medicine, I cannot promise more than science has proven regarding the scientific and clinical benefit of Vitamin C. However, having used high doses of Vitamin C in my practice for some time now, I can attest to the benefits that many of my patients have experienced on their path to health and healing.

Although it is difficult to find scientific evidence that will satisfy the critics, we have to concede that Vitamin C has been embraced anecdotally by the entire world as an immune booster and cold and flu therapy, for decades.

Its benefits have been researched in cardiovascular disease, chronic inflammatory disease and cancer therapy. It plays a major role as an antioxidant, immune cell booster and strengthening of collagen (the fibres that bind everything together in our bodies).

It may not be a miracle cure for all disease, but there are hundreds of personal references made, that attest to the benefits of this essential vitamin. I happily concede that this is not a vitamin needed on a daily basis, but there are strong indications that the use of Vitamin C has many positive benefits in times of general stress, immune system stress, infection, tiredness and fatigue.

The intravenous version of Vitamin C guarantees 100% absorption and is very well tolerated at high doses, compared to high dose oral Vitamin C. After 1000mg of oral Vitamin C, absorption drops to below 50%.

Once the Vitamin C has done its job, it is safely excreted within 24 hours through the kidneys.

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Interesting reading resources:
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