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Fertile awakening is not like nothing I have ever created before, nor have I seen anyone else host anything like this.

THERE IS ENOUGH fertility information out there right now. You may feel like you have enough information and if you do need more answers, you know where to look. The many summits are a great source, as are the monthly Fertility Question Time events hosted by my friend and colleague, Andrew Loosely.

"What is needed right now, is more focus on self-care and creating space to work through the overwhelm of fertility issues and to find a clarity and connection that supports you, on your path to parenthood."

We all know how stressful fertility challenges are, and it’s becoming more widely acknowledged by clinics too. But what is really being done to remedy the overwhelm, the mental and physical exhaustion and the strain that fertility issues puts on individuals and relationships? Not enough, that’s what. So, in the evolution of my online fertility events, when I sensed the shift to the kind of fertility support that is wanted - that is needed - I decided to step up to the plate and create what I felt the 1 in 6 dealing with fertility issues are crying out for…

"Acknowledgement of what you are experiencing; space to re-connect to yourself and your desire to be a mother; and real support and techniques that make you feel complete again."

You are trying for a baby; a mother in waiting - and you are so much more besides.
This weekend, it’s time to give yourself the gifts of time and of nurturing. You deserve this so much and my heart breaks at the thought of you missing out.
We are mostly all busy people, with not enough time, energy or money to spend on taking time out on a fertility retreat. Which is why I created the “Fertile Awakening at home retreat”, to fit around your schedule and enable you to “retreat” away from stresses and worries and into a peaceful healing space.

Fertile Awakening provides everything you need to create your own, at home, fertility retreat. We will help you prepare a space in your home and life for this retreat, assist you in stocking your larder and fridge to nourish your body and stream powerfully relaxing and transformative events into your home each day of the long weekend retreat.

The Fertile Awakening retreat begins on Friday 29 July 2017 and runs through to Monday 1 August 2017. If you can join us for the full weekend (just a couple of hours a day) that’s great and if you can dip into just a few of the sessions, that’s good too.
Join us at the Fertile Awakening retreat with a free ticket and take whatever you need from the experience. You are very, very welcome.

Register your place here.


Sarah Hollard | Fertility EFT coach and founder of Fertile Mindset (www.FertileMindset.com)
Sarah’s journey has been a long and interesting one, starting as a busy reflexologist who was inundated with clients trying to conceive. Her interest in all things fertility was piqued and her work evolved to include emotional support when she was introduced to EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) in 2002. The shifts and positive change she saw in her fertility clients was awe-inspiring and EFT for fertility support, soon became her focus.

As she immersed myself in fertility support, she found herself personally shift towards motherhood. So, she and her husband decided to try for their first baby.

It was soon apparent that they had multiple fertility challenges and it wouldn’t be an easy journey - just like so many of her clients.

Armed with the knowledge and resilience she’d learnt from the experiences of the women and couples she’d supported, they navigated their journey to parenthood with an awareness of how important information, support and strength is. She feels that their experience with infertility, although at times emotional and challenging, was an empowering adventure into the unknown. Not only did she learn a huge amount about herself, her relationship and her body, but she also gained masses of empathy for the many women she was supporting then, and continues to do so now, through their fertility journeys.

Her journey to parenthood took many twists and turns and ended with her family joyfully completed through both pregnancy and adoption. Their eldest is a son by birth (and looks just like his dad) and a little boy, who is adopted (and, she’s told, looks just like her!).
When they decided to have children (under the romantic notion of conceiving quickly), they thought they’d be more focused on baby names and decorating the nursery than on ovulation tests and adoption assessments.

"For their journey to remain positive, uplifting and successful, they needed a mindset shift - a way of looking at the gifts, focusing on their strengths and connecting with their belief that “one day, somehow, they would be parents.”"